GUARANTY SOLAR’s best-practices approach to residential solar installation is born from our solar O&M roots. We have years of first-hand experience resolving installation related issues. A proper installation is fundamental to a lifetime of maximized system performance and lower operating costs. Our approach to the construction of each system we install ensures top performance and an aesthetic appearance to match that quality.

Prior to Guaranty Solar Technology’s installation offerings, our sole focus was O&M. Our technicians specialized in repairing and servicing thousands of problematic residential systems, providing us insight into the poor practices prevalent in our industry. By resolving the issues that homeowners inherited from poor installation, we gained a deep appreciation for high quality execution of Engineering, Procurement and Construction. Many leading solar providers use our contracted installation services due to our knowledge, reliability, and quality workmanship. We pride ourselves on being utilized as the support system for these companies, and stand behind our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. All work is covered by a ten-year workmanship warranty, and we act on behalf of our clients to facilitate manufacturer warranties when necessary. Our service coverage has expanded to include projects throughout California, while being consistent and competitive in our pricing.

Our Installation Team

Guaranty Solar is equipped to keep you informed and confident in our services every step of the way. Our in-house team is comprised of a variety of resources giving us the ability to perform a large scope of services in the most efficient and effective manner.


Acount Managers

•Single point of contact
 •Customized reporting
•Transparent communication

Professional Engineers

•In-house professionals
•Adherence to all NEC and local codes
•Vast equipment knowledge

Project Managers

•Advanced technical expertise
•Experienced industry professional
•Transparent communication

Project Coordinators

•Plan and define scope
•Experienced documentation
•Quality control


•Professional customer service
•Optimized routing
•High volume with fast response

Experienced Technicians

•Diverse scope of work
•Performance testing
•Real world modeling
•Issue resolution

Licenced Electricians

•Master Electricians
•Fully accredited
•Experienced troubleshooters

Specialized IT

•Drives innovation in pursuit of business goals
•End to end support
•Industry leading certifications
•Monitoring control

Program Details

Guaranty Solar’s Residential Installation Outside Sales Channel will fit your needs. You determine the areas of responsibility during the project period based on your company functions and capabilities.



We get you paid quickly

Guaranty Solar has worked with all the top solar  financing providers and know their reporting requirements. This translates into less downtime, less information requests, and quicker payment.

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